Europa League Tickets

Europa League Tickets

The UEFA Europa League, previously known as UEFA Cup, draws its origins from Inter-Cities Fairs Cup (teams that were representing European cities which had international fairs, where FC Barcelona won 3 titles).

It is the second most important European football competition. The teams to compete in it are the two-three teams qualified just after the winners of the country championships. The league has 48 teams divided in 12 groups, with four direct eliminatory rounds. The two best teams of each group advance to the next round, which with the 8 third-place winners of the UEFA Champions League, form the 32 participants of the sixteenth finals. The clubs with the best track record of this competition are Juventus, Inter Milan and Liverpool, with 3 titles each.

The winner of the UEFA Europa League competes for the European Super Cup against the winner of the Champions League of the same season.

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2 Upcoming Matches

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Europa League Final

Europa League

24 May 2017

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