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Entradas FC Barcelona VIPBuy tickets today to experience a match played by one of the most iconic teams in world football in a totally unique environment.

Our VIP Tickets to see FC Barcelona are ​​located in an exclusive area of the stadium and are without question the most popular choice for those looking to add that something a little bit special to their match day experience. Camp Nou, symbol of the city of Barcelona and 5-star stadium, offers exclusive seats such as private boxes and VIP tickets, to make your visit to the Blaugrana stadium a unique experience. Looking for the perfect present for a serious FC Barcelona fan? Our VIP tickets provide the ultimate match day gift and are perfect for both pre and post match networking.


Spain Ticket Bureau offers you the following categories of VIP tickets within the Camp Nou:

FC Barcelona



Our VIP Silver seats offer a fantastic view from the first row of the second tier (Row Zero or known as the Presidential row) in the corner and behind the goal or in the case of VIP Silver Side, along the side of the grandstand. Both views offer an un-rivaled view and environment to enjoy the game.

VIP Silver seats FC Barcelona EN

VIP Silver seats FC Barcelona










Included within the ticket price:

Match-day Catering and bar before, during half-time and after the game. Assorted hot and cold snacks, beverages (wine, champagne, beer, water, soft drinks) and sweet pastries will be served.
Padded Match-day seats.
Access to the VIP lounge with sofas and TV screens to watch replays of the action.

Please Note : The VIP area is a neutral zone , so please no team colours to be worn to the stadium. Dress code is casual.



The VIP boxes at the Camp Nou ensure the most luxurious and first-class environment to watch the game. An FC Barcelona VIP box is a space designed to offer exclusivity within the grounds of Camp Nou. A private indoor area, fully equipped for the client and their guests, who share a common area with the rest of the VIP’s at match time. Located on the side of the Camp Nou, the box comes with comfortable sofas , replays of the match action across a plasma screen with easy access to a self serve mini bar.

Each box seats 12 and offers access to the VIP room before, at half time and at the end of the game, with free refills on drinks and food.

Mapa VIP Palco FC Barcelona

VIP Palco FC Barcelona EN











Included within the VIP "Palco" ticket price:

Our Private Box is located on the longside of the Camp Nou stadium, within the #339 sector, from where you can enjoy an FC Barcelona match in the most exclusive and luxurious setting.
A private indoor area, fully equipped with Live TV, exclusive catering services & drinks (a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks including Cava and coffee).
Outdoor zone with privileged seats.
The Private Box seats 16 people, although it is not compulsory that you reserve all seats.
Access to the VIP lounge, at half time and at the end of the game, with free refills on drinks and food.



Enjoy our best tickets, the VIP Premium category tickets. They are located in the most central sectors of the stadium (either in the Tribune or on the Longside) and include access to the corresponding exclusive VIP area, before the match, during the half time and at the end of the game. Within the VIP areas you will enjoy the best catering and drinks service. These VIP Premium tickets also include: an FC Barcelona scarf, and if you wish, private transfer to the stadium or parking space if you arrive by your own car.

Sala VIP Lateral FC Barcelona