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Fleet Foxes

Baroque rock has an excellent representative in the U.S. band Fleet Foxes. Sun Giant, their first EP released in 2008, was well received by critics, who praised the harmony of their voices and their lyrics. Bob Dylan and Neil Young were two of the favorites musicians of Robin Pecknold and Skyler Skjelset, two very young students and friends who were raised in families that loved 60's music.

In late 2006, the press in Seattle Washington (their home town) began to praise the talent of these two musicians, naming their music as folkdelic. Shortly after came Fleet Foxes' leap to fame. Their first public appearance before the European public was in 2006 in the German festival Octoberfest.

In just a few years, they cut two albums, Fleet Foxes and Helplessness Blues, two EP's and three singles. Buy Fleet Foxes concert tickets now!

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