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The Genoa Cricket and Football club is an Italian football club based in the city of Genoa, which was founded on September 7th, 1893 by representatives of the important British Colony in Genoa, an industrial city which has one of the most important ports of the Mediterranean Sea. They play in the Luigi Ferraris Stadium.

Its founder was a former goalkeeper of the Sunderland, Dr. James Richardson Spensley. Another important character was William Garbutt, coach of the Rossoblu team for many years. Is because of him that in Italy they call the coach Sir out of respect.

The Genoa have won the Italian Championship four times and have reached one runner up position in the UEFA Cup (1991-92). The symbol of the Genoa, and also the city, is a Grifone (a Griffon), a mythological animal with an eagle's body and lion's legs. Buy Genoa tickets now!

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