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Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden, the most famous band of all times of new wave of British heavy metal, are starting on the Maiden England 2014 Tour to commemorate their historic album Maiden England. Led by the unstoppable Steve Harris and the great scenic presence of the vocal leader Bruce Dickinson, the band will perform their great classics like Iron Maiden, The Trooper or The Number of the Beast. Having more than 30 years of musical history, Iron Maiden keep proving that they are capable of maintaining the same level of music and sound on the stage as the one that made them famous. Maiden England 2014 Tour won’t be an exception, the band already announced that this new tour will be full of surprises, with one of the most spectacular set-ups they have ever done. Of course their iconic mascot, “Eddie”, will not miss the show. Make sure you also don’t miss the opportunity to buy your tickets to enjoy this show live

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