Spanish Supercup 2009: Barca vs Bilbao

Lunedì 18 de Maggio de 2009

Barca and Ath Bilbao fight for the first Trophy of the season. Return game at Camp Nou

Pep Guardiola’s team has broken all the records this 2008- 2009 season and now goes to achieve the triple award if he wins the Final versus Mancherster United in the Final Champions League, at Rome. FC Barcelona team, winner of the Spanishcup & SpanishLeague, has dazzled with a beautiful, courageous and efficient football. Barça will have the next 22-23 August the first opportunity to confirm his good game and show all the fans his good beginning of the 2009-10 season, winning the first title of the year:  Spanish SuperCup.

Spanish SuperCup is played, usually, by the champion’s league team versus the champion of Copa del Rey. But as Barça has won both competitions this season, Pep Guardiola’s team will play against the sub champion’s league team:  Athletic Club de Bilbao.

Many people were expected to see a duel between Barcelona and Real Madrid, as the last one had had the 2nd place in the league, but the federation has not decided that fact. FC Barcelona - Ath Bilbao match will be interesting too. The fantastic duel that we were living at Mestalla Stadium will come alive again, this time at Camp Nou.  Perhaps, this is the opportunity for Bilbao team, the occasion to rematch and revenge. Or maybe is the opportunity for FC Barcelona and confirmation, once more, the name of Super Barça, who starts stronger than ever and continues making history in the Spanish Championship.

Don’t miss the match between lions and Culès! The back match at the Camp Nou will decide everything. Take note in your calendar: on 22-23th August you have to get ready to discover the new Super Barca and ready to vibrate with the best Spanish football. Get your ticket now to see: FC Barcelona - Ath Bilbao.