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The Napoli Sports Club Association lives in the city of Naples in the Campana Region of Italy. Diego Armando Maradona, who become one of the best soccer players ever, came to Napoli in the 80's, and he managed to score a fabulous amount of 114 goals for the team; his lifetime score for the team is followed closely by Attila Sallustro, "Il Divino," a Paraguayan nationalized as Italian who scored 107 career goals with Napoli, Italian Antonio Vojak with 103 and the Brazilian Careca with 95 goals. The San Paolo stadium, where the team play, is the third largest in Italy in terms of capacity. Although Naples fans don't have an official anthem, they celebrate their victories with a popular Neapolitan song: “O surdato 'nnamurato" (The Soldier in Love). Buy Napoli tickets now!

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