England: Premier League

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Premier League in England has concluded and Manchester United is the new champion

Last Day matches of the Premier Laegue, the Football League in England, have been played and some results have been as follows:
Newcastle 0 Arsenal 1
Tottenham 1 Sunderland 0
Chelsea 2 Everton 1
West Bromwich 5 Manchester United 5
Manchester City 2 Norwich 3
After these matches Manchester United with 89 points is the new champion followed by Manchester City with 78 points, Chelsea with 75 points, Arsenal with 73 points, Tottenham with 72 points and Everton with 61 points
The last three teams in the table and therefore they will play in Second Division next season are Wigan with 36 points, Reading with 28 points and Queens Park Rangers with 25 points
The football fans are awaiting next season to attaend again the different matches adquiring previously their tickets whwn they will be on sale