FC Barcelona could play in the Premier League or Ligue 1!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The possible independence of Catalonia makes many football fans wonder what would happen to FC Barcelona in the hypothetical case if Catalunya became a new country. The teams, like FC Barcelona, RCD Espanyol or Girona FC could stop participating in Spain's La Liga.

It is difficult to imagine Spanish football without Barça since it would mean the loss of probably the best game in the world, El Clasico! If Barça will play in alleged Catalan League, Spain's La Liga will be discredited because would not have a rival who could dispute the title with Real Madrid, and also would mean a total loss of FC Barcelona.
In that sense, both parties would be greatly harmed. There are many approaches, assumptions, and possibilities that are shuffled these days in which it seems that the Independence of Catalonia is getting closer.

If the RFEF (Royal Spanish Football Federation) decided not to negotiate the incorporation of FC Barcelona in the Spanish Liga, some raise the possibility of negotiating the registration of FC Barcelona in other European leagues such as the Premier League, as the second most prestigious in the world, or Ligue 1 and Serie A, due to the proximity of the countries to Catalonia. Do you imagine being able to attend matches like FC Barcelona vs Manchester United, FC Barcelona vs Milan or FC Barcelona vs PSG?

At first sight it seems somewhat unbelievable and difficult to imagine at the moment, but it is also complicated to think with all the money Barça moves (the exorbitant prices for television rights, in addition to all companies having directly or indirectly business with the Barça club) Spain decides to let out a business of this size since it would represent a great economic loss and prestige for the country. Why no one doubt interest may have other leagues in incorporating FC Barcelona since it is a source of income and prestige worldwide.
What is clear is the future of the coming days and months in Catalonia will mark a before and after in the history of European football.