Italy: Serie A - Day 35

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Football League in Italy is close to conclude as there are only three matches left to be played. Juventus is the new champion

Day 35 matches of the Football League in Italy have been played and some results have been as follows
Fiorentina 0 Rome 1
Udinese 3 Sampdoria 1
Milan 1 Torino 0
Juventus 1 Palermo 0
Napoli 3 Inter 1
After these matches Juventus with 83 points and already champion is leading the table followed by Napoli with 72 points, Milan with 65 points, Fiorentina with 61 points, Rome with 58 points and Udinese with 57 points
The last three teams in the table are Palermo with 32 points, Siena with 30 points and Pescara with 22 points
All football fans are awaiting to attend different matches adquiring previously their tickets as soon as they are on sale