Билеты Кубок Испании (Кубок Короля)

Билеты Кубок Испании (Кубок Короля)

The Spanish Cup, known as the Copa del Rey, is the oldest football tournament in Spain. It was first played in 1903 and is being celebrated every year since then, confronting the best teams in Spain from the First and Second Division and some of other minor leagues.The winner of the Spanish Cup not only enjoys the victory but has the opportunity to contest the UEFA Europa League the next season matching up the champion of the Spanish League in the same season in the so-called Supercopa of Spain. Barça, Real Madrid, Athletic Bilbao and Atlético de Madrid are the teams with more victories in this tournament. It is without any doubt a sporting event that generates a great expectation between football fans. You can get your Spanish Cup tickets here and enjoy these matches live.

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ФК Барселона - Алавес (Кубок Короля Финал)

Кубок Испании (Кубок Короля)

27 Май 2017



Vicente Calderón