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San Fermin

The Feria de San Fermín, commonly known as “sanfermines”, is a show celebrated at the beginning of July in Pamplona. It basically brings together bullfights and celebration in all its splendor. The shows start with the “txupinazo”, a great firecracker which gets launched on July 6th at 12pm from the balcony of the City Hall of Pamplona, and marks the start where all viewers get splashed with wine in a collective euphoria, shaking their red bandanas, typical of the celebration. The morning runnings are for the best of the best, since they consist of “accompanying” the bulls and the leading ox which weigh more than half a ton from the Corrales de Santo Domingo, onto the streets of the old town only to finish in the bullfighting arena.
For those who like bullfights, you can enjoy the classical corridas: with young bulls, on horseback and standing fights in a special environment in the bullfighting arena of Pamplona, where the peñas - the red bandanas, are the soul of the party with their colors, their songs and the snacks when the third bull has fallen. The corridas are more than just an afternoon watching bullfights, they are part of the Bullfighting Feria in Pamplona. The “sanfermines” is a relaxed celebration, with lots of atmosphere, which dates back to the Basque rancher tradition, and throughout the years has become more than just a celebration. 

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San Fermin
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Sue Griffin

I need 4 of the best tickets you have available for clients for 7/14 with a high balcony in a good area for viewing. THey would also like tickets to a bullfight that day if possible. Can you assist me? Sue Griffin Century Travel